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Split Tray Sorter 

Also known as Flat Tray or Bombay Sorter. Different names, the same versatile sorter.

International favorite

The ideal, high-capacity sorter, is suitable for a wide range of products. Available as Single Split Tray and Dual Split Tray. The international favorite for clothing, mail, parcel processing, e-commerce, and books.

Combine sorting and stacking

The Split Tray sorter is an internationally proven success. The patented opening system opens the tray sections at the same moment, allowing products to drop straight down, making stacking in a box or crate possible (think: books, clothing, etc.). Sorting and stacking can be done in a single run. Products are enclosed on all four sides of the carrier, ensuring that even round shapes (round, oval, cone-shaped, etc.) stay in place, even around curves. Safety nets and time-consuming post-sorting are not necessary.


The two types of Split Tray offer different options to meet various needs depending on your operational requirements.

Single Split Tray 

  • Capacity: 3000 to 17000 trays per hour
  • Weight: 0.05–10 kg
  • Min. item size: 50 x 50 x 1 mm
  • Max. item size: 475 x 550 x 200 mm

Dual Split Tray 

  • Capacity: 8000 to 34000 trays per hour
  • Weight: 0.05–15 kg
  • Min. item size: 50 x 50 x 1 mm
  • Max. item size: 375 x 950 x 200 mm

A versatile sorter

The Split Tray Sorter has been perfected over the years and can be found among the big names in fashion, retail, e-commerce, postal services, parcels, books, and more. It's a versatile high-throughput single-item sorter suitable for a vast range of products. The Single Split Tray and the Dual Split Tray can sort between 17,280 to 34,560 items per hour, depending on the configuration.

Split Tray SOrter IC Group met Producten en open carriers


Nummer 1

Manual and fully automatic induction

Smallest exit pitch

Higher volume, greater efficiency, fewer errors

Fast ROI, low TCO

Low noise level, minimal maintenance


Case Studies

Watch our Split Tray Sorter in action at various clients' sites.

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