Standard Fashion Sorter

Standard Fashion Sorter

Automatic sorting is achievable and affordable.

Ideal for smaller businesses and scale-ups!

The Standard Fashion Sorter is designed for growing companies that are considering an automatic sorting solution but are unable to invest in a custom solution at the moment. For these companies, DistriSort offers a pre-configured Split Tray Sorter. This sorting solution brings immediate cost savings and enhances and streamlines the entire logistics process. It makes automatic sorting attainable and affordable without sacrificing quality and technology.

The new standard

The standard we have developed is a result of the "best of" practices gathered from many years of practical experience in various industries. The Standard Fashion Sorter is perfectly aligned with the sorting requirements we have encountered in the clothing industry, among others. In terms of quality and capacity (standard 7,200 trays per hour), this standard sorting solution is in no way inferior to our tailor-made sorting solutions. The materials used are exactly the same, and additional options are certainly possible, albeit limited. For example, the number of exits can be expanded gradually in standard modules of 12 exits.

Split Tray sorter met pakketten

Automatic sorting is achievable and affordable.

Proven quality & technology

The Split Tray Sorter embodies the best of 20 years of experience in automatic sorting and product innovation. The Standard Fashion Sorter is a Split Tray Sorter, much like the dozens already operating 24/7 at international high-street clothing brands and e-commerce companies.

Fast delivery, fast ROI

The standard sorting solution can be set up and operational within 6 months of signing the contract. Increased efficiency, speed, and a positive return on investment can be measured from the first day. Another notable advantage is the small footprint, with 48 exits in approximately 60m².

Scale-ups and growth ambitions

The Standard Fashion Sorter is a modern and affordable Split Tray Sorter from EuroSort, available in a standard off-the-shelf configuration. This product meets the increasing demand from growing companies that aim to maintain control over their growth ambitions without being hindered by external factors such as labor shortages.

Unique financing opportunity

The only sorter in the market with financing options is our Standard Fashion Sorter. This unique feature is something we are proud of, as it can make the purchase even more attractive for many companies. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, our experts can provide all the details and more.


  • Min./Max. (lxbxh) article dimensions: 100 x 100 x 5 mm – 575 x 375 x 200 mm
  • Min./Max. article weight:  0.1 – 5.0 kg
  • Container in the exit (lxbxh): 400 x 600 x (250-500) mm
  • Standard capacity: 7,200 trays per hour
  • Number of input positions: 2–4 operators
  • Footprint: approximately 60 m² for 48 exits
  • Low energy consumption: <3.3 kWh for 48 exits
  • Expansion possibilities: per 12 exits
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