Cost reduction and turn-key solutions for sorting and logistics.

The sorting process can always be better, faster, and more efficient. DistriSort reduces your sorting costs (less labor needed) and error margins, while at the same time increasing your efficiency and speed both for inbound, outbound, and returns. Our experts bring international experience to businesses like fashion, post & parcel, e-commerce, books, pharmaceuticals (and more).

DistriSort is a specialist in small to medium-sized sorting solutions. We offer a turnkey approach, from professional advice to the final delivery. Our solutions are based on extensive (international) knowledge of various markets, incorporating best practices, case studies, and user experiences. This ensures unique solutions, tailored to similar industries.

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Specialist in sorting solutions since 2003

DistriSort Projects BV is a trusted and established name in system integration. DistriSort has over 20 years of international sorting experience across various industries. We specialize in high-throughput single-item sorting, processing 4,000 up to approximately 40,000 items flawlessly per hour.

Expert advice

In the decision-making process for a sorting solution, preferences, and possibilities are weighed against each other, considering your long-term plans and objectives. Available space and budget are also considered in this process.

System integrator

DistriSort is a systems integrator. We install and construct automatic sorting solutions. Our sorters are standardly supplied by EuroSort, known for their reliability, low total cost of ownership (TCO), versatility, and sustainability.


Our advice and concepts are based on 20-plus years of international experience with major fashion, retail, postal, and e-commerce´╗┐ brands. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of your logistics process and contribute to your business objectives.

Sorting concepts

Our concepts focus on making the inbound, outbound, and return flows more efficient. These three logistical flows can be processed on 1 single solution. Our solutions can seamlessly be integrated into any existing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

From concept to realization: a turn-key solution

Every company is different, so every solution is unique (but based on proven technology!). Our step-by-step plan provides structure and direction in the decision-making process. Considering all relevant internal and external factors. An ROI (Return on Investment) scan is standard in this process. This results in a tailor-made concept and a turn-key installation on a solid financial basis.

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Virtually all high-street names in fashion use our sorting solutions, whether for store replenishment or e-commerce. Both can be processed simultaneously on one system. Depending on the type of sorter, up to approximately 18,000 SKUs per hour can be sorted, both inbound, outbound, returns, and cross-docking.


Online orders in various shapes and sizes come together at 3PL and mail sorting centers. DistriSort has enhanced the sorting processes at numerous large postal and 3PL companies in Europe. Using specially designed (patented) carriers, items of all shapes (square, egg, round, cone, etc.) can be sorted efficiently. The carriers can handle items ranging from 100 grams to a maximum of approximately 20 kg, depending on the type of carrier, ensuring optimal (24/7) uptime.

Post & Parcel

Numerous individual orders, with equally numerous individual addresses, and next-day delivery. Our 24/7 operations make this possible. The picking process becomes highly efficient, reducing errors. We handle tasks like entering orders, separating items, scanning barcodes, sorting, weighing, labelling, and sealing boxes all in one go. This makes e-commerce faster, better, and more cost-effective.

Consumer goods

When it comes to sorting books, there are specific needs and requirements because books are sensitive to damage. DistriSort has gained a strong reputation in this field both nationally and internationally. They offer solutions that can perfectly sort up to 8,600 books per hour and even stack them in a box.

Media Distribution

In various European countries, medicines are primarily ordered online. This means many small and lightweight packages. DistriSort develops specialized solutions that sort up to 40,000 items per hour, within a relatively small footprint.


We help you grow.

Lower costs and higher productivity - who wouldn't want that?- When you reach your physical limit of around 20,000 items per day, automated sorting can help you take the next step. This will further increase your productivity and reduce your personnel costs. And these are not empty promises. We are supported by various market leaders in 40 countries worldwide.

  • Fast ROI, low TCO 
  • Proven and innovative technology, tailored to specific needs 
  • Seamless integration with existing WMS 
  • Many exits on a small footprint
  • More than 20 years of experience in various industries

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Sorting books

Sorting books

The 3 Best Automated Sorting Solutions of 2024

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Better sorting thanks to perfect simplicity

Better sorting thanks to perfect simplicity

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