DistriSort Cases


A fashion brand with affordable fashion for modern women with 90 stores and online sales. To keep up with growth and a weekly changing collection, Norah invested in automated sorting with a Dual Split Tray Sorter. Efficient and flexible, this system supports both B2C and B2B flows.

Norah warehouse front image


A leading 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) provider in Serbia, processing 125 million items annually. To address the challenges of inbound, outbound, returns, and B2C orders, Logistar has invested in a EuroSort Cross Tray sorter with slide chutes.

Logistar warehouse image


The largest fashion company in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 2,000 stores and 5 retail brands, operating in nearly 40 global markets. To tackle the challenges of maximizing chute capacity and processing at least 25,000 items per hour, LPP opted for a Push Tray sorter with slide chutes and chute pitch reducers.

Lpp Chutes warehouse image
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