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DistriSort was established in 2003 in Weesp as a system integrator for EuroSort. At that time, 3 dedicated technicians had 1 goal: to improve the automated sorting process, believing it could be done better, more efficiently, and faster. Their efforts were successful.

Over the past 20 years, more than 400 sorters have been installed across approximately 60 sorting projects, from Alkmaar to Poland and from Culemborg to Spain. What started as a successful international venture in 's-Graveland (near Amsterdam), today employs over 200 people.

All the knowledge and experience gained are reflected in meticulously crafted sorting solutions and clever, innovative sorting technology. DistriSort adopts a turnkey approach, from expert consultancy to skilled assembly, entirely tailored to your needs and capabilities.   

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In short: we understand your business. 

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Consultation, guidance & implementation

We guide you through the selection process. The result is a tailor-made sorting solution, from concept to implementation, perfectly tailored to your situation and needs. We provide sound advice and sometimes a critical question to help you make the right choices. 

EuroSort sorters

DistriSort Projects BV exclusively uses sorting machines developed by EuroSort. These are sustainable and reliable sorters with a proven track record at major names across various industries. Known for their fast ROI and low TCO, these versatile and high-quality sorters are suitable for a wide range of products. Built to last and capable of sorting 5,000 to 40,000 items per hour (24/7), depending on the products and conversion rate. And that's for both inbound, outbound, cross-docking, and returns.

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