Cross Tray sorter

Sorts a wide variety of items, from small, lightweight articles to packages, including e-commerce products, fashion, and pharmaceuticals.

Various possibilities

The Cross Tray has an extensive track record in various industries. This experience is reflected in various exit options, such as sorting directly into boxes, mailbags, crates, bins, and more. The Cross Tray sorter meets all the needs of modern logistics.

The Cross Tray sorter features enclosed trays and a conveyor belt inside the tray for ejecting items. With four raised edges, the Cross Tray is highly suitable for items with irregular shapes (round, cylindrical, conical, etc.) or limited weight. Additionally, due to its lower maximum speed, the Cross Tray sorter occupies a smaller footprint.


The Cross Tray XL and Cross Tray offer different capacities to meet various operational needs. The Cross Tray XL is designed for sorting larger items.

Cross Tray Sorter

  • Capacity: 3000 to 17000 trays per hour
  • Weight: 0.05–19 kg
  • Min. item size: 40 x 40 x 1 mm
  • Max. item size: 390 x 595 x 400 mm

Cross Tray XL 

  • Capacity: 3000 to 15000 trays per hour
  • Weight: 0.05–21 kg
  • Min. item size: 40 x 40 x 1 mm
  • Max. item size: 590 x 795 x 400 mm

Multifunctional sorter

The Cross Tray sorter is the ideal solution for companies sorting a wide range of packaging. And with the assurance of -proven technology-, to handle different shaped items quickly and effectively, without damage. The Cross Tray is especially suitable for non-conveyable, sensitive and lightweight items. Its two-sided ejection capability allows the number of outputs to double on the same footprint. Sorting can be done directly into boxes, mailbags, crates or bins. So, no additional handling is required. 

In short: if it fits, it can be sorted.


Manual and fully automatic induction

Ideal for dynamic products

Small footprint, fast ROI, low TCO

Low maintenance requirement

Lightweight construction, low energy consumption

Easy maintenance

 Cross Tray XL

The XL version of the Single Cross Tray. This Cross Tray XL has a tray size of 600 mm x 800 mm and sorts packages up to 21 kg. Additional advantages of the Cross Tray XL include:
  • Very competitive purchase price
  • Low noise level
  • Low energy consumption, thanks to relatively light drive motors

Case Studies

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