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To expedite the picking, sorting, and distribution processes, making them faster, better, and more efficient. In short: cost savings and optimal customer satisfaction. The capability to handle both inbound, outbound, returns, and cross-docking on one system. Additionally, eliminating errors, achieving higher throughput (up to 40,000 SKU per hour), and saving costs by accomplishing (much) more with fewer FTEs. 

The sorter operates based on barcodes. The order lists are input into the system, and each order is assigned its exit. The sorter is loaded manually, automatically, or with a robotic arm, ensuring the barcode is always readable. The barcode is scanned by the sorter, enabling the system to recognize the product. Based on an order list, the sorter determines to which exit a product should be ejected or pushed out.

The largest size we can handle is 600 x 800 mm with a weight of 13 kg.

The sorting capacity varies based on the sorter type, speed, and length. Our sorters can handle between 8,600 and 40,000 pieces per hour, with smaller packaging enabling higher capacity.

The picking process shifts from single-item picking to batch picking. Instead of picking each order separately, all orders for a specific product are now picked at once and automatically sorted.

EuroSort develops and manufactures automated sorting systems for high-throughput single-item sorting. DistriSort develops and delivers turn-key sorting solutions for automatic sorting as a system integrator. After collaborating with the customer to devise the perfect sorting solution, DistriSort manages the placement, assembly, and commissioning of the sorting machine as a system integrator. All sorting systems are supplied as standard by EuroSort

3PL stands for "Third Party Logistics". It is a party in the logistics chain that takes care of the storage and further distribution of goods. Commonly used in e-commerce, among others.