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Efficient sorting for seamless logistics solutions

Logistar a leading 3PL provider in Serbia, processes 125 million units annually. To tackle the challenges of inbound, outbound, returns and B2C orders, Logistar invested in a EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter with sliding chutes.

The Challenge  
A solution that can handle inbound, outbound, returns and B2C more efficiently sort various products in different shapes, such as round and cylindrical. Requirements: a VAS location and packing carton removal capability  
Our Solution
A EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter with slide-chutes conveyor network to dispose and feed cardboard packing department with VAS tables, printers and sorting for expedition dedicated space for packing online orders (e-commerce). 

The Results
Achieved peak throughput of 8,000 items per hour on 2 platforms optimised flows with dedicated platforms for outbound, inbounds and returns sorts both B2B and B2C orders on the same sorter, increasing efficiency. 

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The Cross Tray sorter in action at Logistar!

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