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Polish multinational clothing company with 2,000 stores in Central and Eastern Europe.

Innovative sorting solutions for global fashion

LPP is the largest fashion company in Central and Eastern Europe, operating over 2,000 stores and 5 retail brands across nearly 40 global markets. To tackle the challenge of maximizing chute capacity and processing at least 25,000 items per hour, LPP opted for a Push Tray Sorter with glide chute and chute pitch reducers. 

The Challenge 
Maximize chute capacity within a given footprint and process at least 25,000 items per hour while allowing sorting processes to run during packing
The Solution 
A Push Tray sorter with glide chute and chute pitch reducers, featuring an ergonomic closing flap. Conveyor network for empty (input) and filled (output) boxes.

The Result 
Increased the number of exits from 350 to 450 within the same footprint (chute pitch reducer), enhanced operator efficiency by adding a flap, and improved processes through automated input and output of boxes.

Lpp dozen band

Watch the Push Tray sorter in action for LPP here!

LPP video case
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