Better sorting thanks to perfect simplicity

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." A variation on a well-known quote attributed to Einstein. He suggested that true understanding comes when you can explain something in simple terms. However, simplicity itself is not so simple.

With 20 years of experience and hundreds of sorters deployed in over 40 countries, EuroSort understands what businesses expect and demand from automated sorting. In essence, this boils down to: continuity/uptime, durability, reliability, low total cost of ownership (TCO), minimal maintenance needs, high throughput, and suitability for multiple product categories.

EuroSort is a pragmatic Dutch company that develops and manufactures highly advanced sorting solutions in-house for various purposes. Advanced for us, however, does not mean complicated. On the contrary, our goal is perfect simplicity. Call it smart design or thoughtful simplicity. This simplicity makes our sorters easy to use and maintain, a level of achievement that is certainly not simple to attain. We are constantly striving to simplify our sorters, always asking: what can be smarter, better, and simpler without compromising functionality and ease of use?

Our expertise particularly lies in industries such as fashion, e-commerce, postal services, pharmaceuticals, and printed matter like books. Each industry has its requirements, necessitating specific solutions. We understand that every customer is unique. Therefore, we collaborate with you, providing advice based on our knowledge and experience. We comprehend your needs and offer a perfectly tailored solution.


  • A moving component can be pneumatically powered, but electrical operation is often more efficient. Where possible, pneumatic systems have been replaced with magnets. Magnets are less fragile, and require less maintenance and energy. Moreover, they can be easily and quickly replaced during a malfunction, reducing costly downtime.
  • Carriers have been further simplified by combining various separate parts into a single unit using extrusion technology. Fewer parts mean lower chances of malfunctions.
  • Wheels on the carriers have been replaced with "rollerblade wheels". As a result, the wheels stay straighter in their tracks, operate quieter, and have a longer lifespan.
  • To close our Split Tray carriers, we use a simple sloping brush conveyor instead of spring systems or pneumatics. This method closes both parts through the forward movement of the sorter, saving energy and operating virtually silently.
  • Additionally, we've introduced the "Pitch Reducer" (patent pending). This seemingly simple flap in the chute allows up to 40% more exits on the same footprint. In a space where you could previously fit a maximum of 200 exits, we can now accommodate up to 280 exits without enlarging the sorter itself. Conversely, the sorter can be made smaller while still maintaining 200 exits. This is a revolutionary addition and a game-changer in the sorter industry.
  • Operator well-being is also crucial for us. Therefore, we have made every effort to minimize noise to an absolute minimum. Our sorting solutions produce an average of 60 - 67 dB(A), which means normal conversation is easily possible.

Carriers & Sorters
On average, a sorter operates at a speed of 1 meter per second. A book or pants can stay in place, but a round shape will roll uncontrollably. This necessitates different requirements for carriers, and each sorter has its product-specific characteristics. A good sorter is the sum of practical experiences. Over the years, we have faced and addressed these details and more. These experiences inform our advice and are reflected in the perfect simplicity of our sorters.

Simplicity in Maintenance
For a company sorting 24/7, downtime is unacceptable. It directly translates to loss of time, money, and disrupts the logistics process. Operators wait and need to make up for a lost time (which impacts motivation). Trucks miss their time slots and may leave underlorded.

Thanks to the simplicity of our sorters, operators working alongside them can usually diagnose and fix issues themselves promptly. This reduces the need to wait for a technician or technical support. Before deployment, we ensure operators receive a brief "How to" course, enabling them to perform simple repairs. The built-in self-scan allows them to check system functionality before each run, identifying any areas needing extra attention. This enhances sorter efficiency and reliability.

Simply Perfect
Sorting is a crucial part of the logistics chain. Understanding the bigger picture allows us to make a constructive contribution. It requires time, an open mind, listening to customer feedback, and extensive practical experience and creativity. At EuroSort, we understand sorting, enabling us to simplify it for you.